Wednesday, 1 June 2016

41 Hotel London

41 Hotel is one of the most famous companies about with hotels in pretty much each major city across the UK but today we shall be focusing specifically on the London based one which has been rated by many as the number one 5* hotel which you will find in the city!

Just by looking at images and their website you can really tell that they mean business and it gives such a modern and high class appearance that you’d think you were living with royalty. The 5 star hotel is hidden away in the heart of London and for anyone after the address here it is on google maps, 41 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0PS, this hotel caters for all with a 24 hour room service and for every guest staying at the hotel there are two employees working and so you will always receive a quality and fast service here!

The hotel contains 30 luxurious rooms and en suites with a very vibrant/modern feel to them that just makes you want to stay here that little bit more, the furniture in the hotel and rooms has a rich mahogany look to it and it really is beautiful on the eye which is what you expect from a 5* hotel, all guests which stay here can dining round-the-clock and you are even spoilt to some treats in their executive lounge which sounds good doesn’t it.

41 hotel.jpg

If that isn’t enough to convince you to stay in this luxurious 5* hotel with excellent catering and staff then maybe you should take a trip over to their website to really get a feel of the hotel itself and also what I am talking about above Just remember though that staying in this hotel certainly isn’t cheap but if you have the money to spend then this would be the number one priority on the list to stay at especially for me anyway.

hotel 41 2.jpg

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